New certificate
Admin at 2014-12-28
A new certificate was installed today.
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-12-13
Installed RAR-3.41 in /opt/rar, so RAR command line tool is now available on the server.
Apache2 now serving this site
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-12-02
After a lot of fiddling around, I finally managed to port CrusherLand to Apache2. It took some time figuring out that the new libapache2-mod-php did not load the library. When that was ensured, I went to fixing the PHP4 behaviour of making all GET/POST vars available as globals in the script. Finally, I had to fix the wrong default value of no-overrides with .htaccess, which is Debians default (should have been first thing taken care of as it is a security hazard!).
Unplanned downtime
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-11-11
Somebody had the courtesy of disconnecting marvin from the power. I did not have time to fix the routing completely friday evening, and it came back to bite me! marvin did not boot up with the correct routing tables and the LAN was thus unable to access the internet (and marvin to receive connections). Hopefully, this has been fixed so it wont happen again.
Fixed a minor routing issue
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-11-05
We have an ADSL connection here, and we kept getting kernel: Neighbour table overflow messages from the kernel, suggesting an ARP cache overflow in the kernel. I then added a default route towards the gateway for our ISP (TDC), and got rid of all the unnescessary ARP packets flowing. Turns out they always responded with an ARP packet for their gateway no matter what the destination was.
Marvin is router
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-10-31
Alright, thats it - I have had it with TDCs lack of competence. I have now configured marvin to be our router towards the internet, so I may, myself, control what services we want to provide. After a couple of doh!s it now works seamlessly and allows the VPN to pass correctly.
domain mapped to SSH
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-10-23
Due to TDC lack of competence in configuring their routers, I had to move SSH to port 53 (domain).
Power failure
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-09-10
Damned - dad kicked the HFI while moving the lawn.
New server
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-08-20
Brainless has been replaced with Marvin, a Via Epia based server with only one disk for homedirs. We managed a peek of 100days on brainless and then took it down to remove a block of RAM. Brainless is now for sale, if anybody wants it...
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-06-16
Most likely I'll have to sleep in the same room as brainless, so it's probably going down with an uptime of 61 days.
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-05-03
For some unknown reason, RPC went down on the server, so NFS went unavailble - same did famd. After restarting portmap and the other daemons, everything is okay again.
Amavis and ClamAV
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-04-25
Got sick and tired of all the vira I get in the mail, so I installed amavisd and ClamAV to filter mail - it has already caught 4
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-04-15
I managed to force a rewrite of the superblocks using mkraid without destroying the data on the disk - the data seem to be preserved without errors - pphhhewww!!!
Add failed
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-04-14
Most of the reconfiguration succeded, but writing superblocks failed - I'm going to bed before i f... something major up!
New disk
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-04-12
A new 120GB disk has arrived and is expected to be added to the RAID array wedensday. The array will be offline during reconfiguring (26 hours) and the system will be down during the install of the drive (2 hours).
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-02-02
A reboot has been scheduled at 07:00 tomorrow (to upgrade the kernel to the latest 2.4.
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-02-02
The server is currently a bit flakey due to some experiments to switch to the 2.6 kernel - this has so far been unsuccessful. Expect some reboots and downtime in the days to come...
Postponed link change
Posted by FlushedSector at 2004-01-07
TDC decided to change the estimated conversion of the line to 20040115, so the schedule has been postponed.
Changed link to the Internet
Posted by FlushedSector at 2003-12-25
We finally got the requested information from TDC - they will perform a downgrade of our link to the internet at 20040108, after which our IP will change. This means that we need to update our DNS records, which will usually take about 24h to propagate through the net - thus, expect not to work from 20040108-20040110. The change will only affect our downstream speed.
Noise ?
Posted by FlushedSector at 2003-12-25
Somebody had to sleep in the same room as the server, so it was shut down from 20031225T0002 through 20031225T1158. It will also be shut down tonight between 0010 and 1300.